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Rita Cheek's

A Snuggle-down Bedtime Story

Topics Covered In This Book

After reading The Icky Sticky Hair Day from Rita Cheek you will learn...  


Learn how to show appreciation for the things you've been given by making good choices.

Problem Solving

Learn what to do when you have made a bad choice

Showing Love

Learn how important it is to recognize mistakes and make amends.

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Meet author Rita Cheek and discover her latest book about a young girl who learns valuable lessons about gratitude, problem solving, and showing love.

Ellie makes a bad decision and is alarmed to see her mother so upset. Ellie's grandmother leads her through a series of activities to take to learn and recover from her mistakes.

Here's Everything That You Get

The Icky Sticky Hair Day

Plus Bonuses...

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Pre-Launch Special Price: $15.97

BONUS #1: Discussion Prompts Value: $4.97

Using these discussion prompts can lead you into starting a meaningful heart to heart with your child.

Important conversations with your child can be started during and after reading The Icky Sticky Hair Day by Rita Cheek. By using these conversation starters you can create an important lifelong habit of you and your child comfortably sharing feelings. The goal is to open the doors to communication so that conflicts can be resolved. It is possible for everyone to recover from the mistakes we all make.

BONUS #2: Tips for Controlling Anger Value: $4.97

Use These Tips to Keep You From Pulling Your Hair Out!

Feeling overwhelmed by your feelings of frustration? Do you find yourself yelling and setting a bad example to your child? By practicing these healthy tips a trying situation can be stopped fast and conversations can take the place of yelling.

BONUS #3: Samantha Meets Leona Value: $9.95

Leona is a little girl excited to meet Samantha, her mother's special childhood doll. But Samantha had tangled dull hair. What can Leona do?

Leona's Grammy says Samantha needs a spa day. Follow the true pictures as Samantha gets her much needed makeover and Leona gets to help. Pictures and practical details show what can be done to help your doll shine! Leona feels love and excitement over the transformation.

BONUS #4: Children's Classics eBook Value: $19.97

Reading Classical Literature is a Cornerstone to Every Well Rounded Education.

This book is intended to accomplish three distinct purposes: first, to arouse a greater interest in oral reading; second, to develop an expressive voice—sadly lacking in the case of most Americans; and third, to give freedom and grace in the bodily attitudes and movements which are involved in reading and speaking. The stories given are for the most part adaptations of favorite tales from folklore,--Andersen, Grimm, Aesop, and the Arabian Nights having been freely drawn upon.

BONUS #5: Art Activities Printable Deck Value: $9.97

Fun Art Activities for the Whole Family

Rita Cheek has been sharing her love of art with children most of her life. This little book is a priceless collection of her favorite hands on activities. It is meant to be printed and put in a recipe box or held together with a ring. Additional activities and recipes can be added. Mrs. Rita believes art opens the door to every subject!

BONUS #6: Healthy Boundaries Value: $27.00

ATTENTION: Feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities and desire to people-please?

"How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty So That You Can Take Control of Your Life Instead of Life Controlling You"

With These Simple Tips, You’ll Set Healthy Boundaries And Take Back Your Life In No Time!

The only way to beat people-pleasing is to have intense self-discipline, self-respect, and knowledge of your inner voice. Though these items may sound easy on paper, they are extremely difficult to implement, especially for the people-pleaser.

Even for those who were not people-pleasers by nature, having the discipline, respect, and knowledge to say no to people can be extremely uncomfortable and awkward. So, it is imperative to set strict rules for yourself and others so that you know how to navigate these awkward situations.

The best way to set rules for yourself and others is by creating healthy boundaries. 

Boundaries are like invisible fences that you use to separate your feelings, needs, and wants from other people’s feelings, needs, and wants. The benefit of setting boundaries is that you will be able to take back your life, increase your self-esteem, and build healthier relationships with those around you.

Unfortunately, many people have no clue how to begin setting healthy boundaries. There are many misconceptions and misinformation about boundary setting, which makes it difficult to know how to begin if you've never done it before.

In order to create and enforce effective and healthy boundaries, it is imperative to have the tools and skills for boundary setting. Like any other task, boundary setting takes practice and knowledge.

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Value: $9.97

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So, Here Is Everything That You Get

The Icky Sticky Hair Day

Plus All of the Bonuses Listed Below!

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  • The Icky Sticky Hair Day book ... [$15.97 Value]

  • BONUS #1 - Discussion Prompts ... [$4.97 Value]

  • BONUS #2 - Tips for Controlling Anger... [$4.97 Value]

  • BONUS #3 - Samantha Meets Leona eBook... [$9.95 Value]

  • BONUS #4 - Children's Classics eBook... [$19.97 Value]

  • BONUS #5 - Art Activities Printable Deck... [$9.97 Value]

  • BONUS #6 - Healthy Boundaries... [$27.00 Value]

  • BONUS #7 - Free Shipping... [$9.97 Value]

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Pre-Launch Special Price: $15.97

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  • What Our Readers Are Saying

    What a sweet story reminding our little ones about the importance of taking good care of their toys. I read this book with my daughter as she snuggled her favorite kitty. We loved the precious pictures and the rhyming text.

    Connie P. (teacher and mom)

    Our family has been so blessed to have Mrs. Rita in our lives. Everything she does is filled with love. From the perspective of a mother, a grandmother, and someone who believes wholeheartedly in educating children and not just teaching them the rights and wrongs of the world, but giving them developmental skills so they can show up as their own people. We adore her and love her books!

    Karith Foster (author, speaker, mom)

    The Icky Sticky Hair Day is a fun and engaging story that people of all ages can relate to. Mother and daughter both react to disappointing situations. Ultimately communication and honesty help bring about lasting lessons and positive closure.

    Vicki W. (teacher, grandmom)

    About The Author

    Ms. Rita is a certified teacher in Art and English who has spent many years teaching public, private, in-home, and online classes. Ms. Rita began her teaching career in public schools, and after she started her family took her art program to private schools. As her children grew, Ms. Rita taught more and more classes in her home, which lead her to home-educating her five children.

    Ms. Rita continues to offer her art and writing classes online to students, who range in age from 5 years old to 105 years old. She believes the small group setting benefits the student by allowing her to work individually with each student and yet also allowing them the needed camaraderie of a supportive group. While homeschooling her five children, she realized the mix in age levels is a natural and beneficial setting. Ms. Rita's philosophy of process over product is evident in her classes. She believes the arts can provide a door into every other subject and that expressing creatively is a NEED for everyone. Recognizing this value of self-expression has led Ms. Rita to be a lifelong advocate of pushing for the arts to be available to everyone on every level.

    Ms. Rita draws on her large family experiences for her inspiration and has written and illustrated three children's books. 

    Rita Cheek

    © 2022 Rita Cheek